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Some say it’s a staple food. Others say if chocolate is not in heaven they don’t want to go. Still others call it a sort of healing herb, especially when you consider the properties within dark chocolate. And while the health conscious may ward off the “drug” saying it does little if anything for the body, they still may take a bite or two when the feeling or need strikes them. Chocolate. What would we do without it.But suppose we would like to know more? Like how chocolate is made, or where those great chocolate recipes are, or where those folks are who love chocolate almost as much as we do? Fortunately, 'Maya Blog' will help you discover all of the sweet life chocolate has to offer.

Has redemption finally come for Chocoholics ?

Chocolate.Could any one ingredient be more glorius ? Doubtful. Chocolate inspires nearly everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest grandfather.Here's what you need to know to get the most from your chocolate experience. After hundreds of scientific studies, there is no evidence that chocolate is an immediate cause for obesity. The total number of calories consumed, the digestion of those calories and the balance consumption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats play the predominant role in the prevention of obesity.

Mayavi on NDTV India

Mayavi Khandelwal, the master chocolatier of Maya Chocolates was featured on NDTV India for her creating bespoke and designer chocolates in Mumbai. Have a look at the video.

Chocolate truly is the closest thing we mortals have to ambrosia. Cherish it's taste. Cherish the very food of the Gods”